Ozark Highlands Trail-Sylamore Section and Sylamore Trail

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The OHT Sylamore Section and the Sylamore Trails are situated in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas near the confluence of the Bufflo and White Rivers. The OHT trail is primarily based on GIS data and trail maps provided by the Ozark National Forest. The Sylamore Trail is based on my GPS track of the trail.

NEW! Trail Description: The following links will give you description and pictures of the Sylamore Trail.

Sylamore Trail from Cripple Turkey TH to Allison TH (Maps 2, 5 and 6, below)

The roads are based on satellite images. I have not been on these trails so if you find any errors, let me know and I'll fix the maps.

OHT Sylamore Section: The first map is of the Sylamore section of the Ozark Highlands Trail (trail shown in red). This map is supplied to assist with your trip planning and is not available for sale (the Ready to Print map shown below are formatted to print on 11x17 paper. They are also available for sale). The trail begins about two thirds down the left side of the map at the trailhead on Spring Creek Road. It parallels the south and west boundaries of the Leatherwood Wilderness and ends at the northeast corner of the map at the Matney Knob Trailhead. This section of the OHT is 31.6 miles long. .

Google Earth Views:
OHT Spring Creek Trailhead
OHT Looking east from Spring Creek Trailhead
OHT Looking west from Moccasin Trailhead
OHT Moccasin Trailhead
OHT East of Moccasin Trailhead
OHT South of Cripple Turkey Trailhead
OHT Cripple Turkey Trailhead
OHT Looking north from Cripple Turkey Trailhead
OHT Looking north to Brush Creek Trailhead
OHT Brush Creek Trailhead
OHT Looking north from Brush Creek Trailhead
OHT Hwy 341 to Matney Knob Trailhead
OHT South of Matney Knob Trailhead
OHT Matney Knob Trailhead

Symamore Trail: The second map is of the Sylamore Trail (blue trail). It is also for planning and not for sale (see Ready to Print maps, below and To Buy Maps.)It begins near the White River at Allison AR and goes west northwest for 23.5 miles where it meets the OHT. The trail runs up Sylamore Creek passing through three recreation areas: Blanchard Canverns and Springs, Gunner Pool and Barkshed Picnic Area. The trail used to stop there but has been extended up Cole Creek to the Cripple Turkey Trailhead.

Info: Ozark-St. Francis National Forests, Russellville, AR, (479) 964-7200 . Sylamore Ranger District, Mountain View, AR, Phone: (870) 269-3228.
A description of the new Sylamore trail section by Duane Woltjen.
Sylamore Creek Backpacking and Hiking Guide by By Wayne Fulmer.
OHT Sylamore Section by Duane Woltjen.

Shuttles: These are point to point trails so a shuttle is necessary. There are probably outfitters in the area that run canoe shuttles and if they are like the folks up river on the Buffalo, they will do hiker shuttles, too. If you know of any, let me know and I'll list them here.

OHT Sylamore Maps, Ready to Print

OHT-Sylamore 01: Spring Creek Trailhead to Moccacin Creek Trailhead

OHT-Sylamore 02: Cripple Turkey Trailhead (include Sylamore Trail from Cripple Turkey to Barkshed)
OHT-Sylamore 03: Brush Creek to Highway 341
OHT-Sylamore 04: Highway 341 to Matney Knob
Sylamore Trail 05: Blanchard Spring to Barkshed
Sylamore Trail 06: Allison to Blanchard Spring
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